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Ridgeway are proud to be celebrating 12 years as the exclusive regional distributor for the Dura Composites d² GRP product range – which offers significant enhancements over other composite solutions available on the market.

From fire-ratings to advanced anti-slip, the d² product range is extensively tested and engineered for best performance, including huge improvements in sustainability thanks to its low embodied carbon. This emphasis on environmental responsibility reflects Ridgeway’s dedication to promoting eco-friendly practices and helping our customers minimise their carbon footprint.

We offer a wealth of support for our clients, making installation faster and more cost-effective. With our expert guidance and the best GRP product range in the industry thanks to the d² difference, clients can trust in the Ridgeway and Dura Composites partnership for exceptional results.

GRP Heavy Duty Floor Grating

Anti-Slip Grating

Due to its wealth of durable and long-lasting properties, d² Dura Grating is the ideal solution for marine locations, as well as a range of construction applications including access structures, walkways, and utility screening.

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GRP Heavy Duty Trench Covers

Heavy Duty Slab Flooring

The combination of a lightweight design, long design life, anti-slip surface and fire and corrosion properties means that d² Dura Slab is suited to a wide range of applications including arenas and stadiums, trench covers and many more.

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GRP Structural Stairs

Structural Stair Treads

Designed, developed and manufactured by our partners, Dura Composites, Dura Slab Structural Stair Treads are a quick and simple solution for both new build footbridges and essential staircase refurbishment works.

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GRP Anti Slip Floor Sheets

GRP Anti-Slip Floor Sheets

Dura Tread is a pultruded anti-slip floor sheet, expertly designed to be installed over new or existing structural floorings. Gritted for maximum safety, Dura Tread boasts a long, maintenance-free lifecycle.

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Anti-Slip Strips

GRP Anti-Slip Strips

Where a full anti-slip sheet is not required, anti-slip strips can provide a simple and cost-effective solution. Dura Tread Anti-Slip Strips can be installed on almost any surface for instant grip, and are commonly used for lakeside walkways and outdoor steps.

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GRP Stair Tread Covers & Nosing Strips

Non-structural gritted GRP stair tread covers provide a highly visible, robust and slip resistant walking surface. Designed to be placed over existing stairs, they are low profile, adding only 5mm to the overall height of the step.

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The d² Difference

The d² range by Dura Composites offers advanced composite materials designed to enhance infrastructure projects. With multiple patents and design registrations, these products reduce carbon emissions significantly, supporting net-zero goals while maintaining high performance. Rigorous testing and innovative engineering ensure reliability and value across various applications.

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Outstanding Durabilty

From GRP riser solutions for construction projects, to marina walkways and pontoons, expect outstanding safety, performance and durability across a range of d² GRP flooring and structural applications.

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What is Structural GRP Flooring?

Glass Reinforced Polymer, also known as GRP or fibreglass, is a resin-based composite reinforced with glass fibre, providing an alternative to short-life plywood and heavy concrete and steel.

Structural GRP flooring is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for a range of applications, including permanent flooring, access structures and platforms, walkways, bridges and ramps, stairs and more.

From GRP riser solutions for construction projects, to marina walkways and pontoons, expect outstanding safety, performance and durability across a range of flooring and structural applications.


  • Anti-slip flooring and walkway applications
  • Cable trough and trench covers
  • Pontoon and marina decking
  • Construction site walking boards
  • Access structures and stair treads
  • Utility screening and fencing
  • Roof access walkways, mezzanines and balconies
  • Stadium and arena flooring


What is Non-Structural GRP Flooring?

Composed of GRP (Glass-Reinforced-Polymer, otherwise known as fibreglass), our non-structural flooring solutions are durable and long lasting, providing outstanding safety and performance.

Non-structural flooring solutions are ideal for applications where an existing structure may not need replacing, but the safety features of the top flooring surface require enhancement.


  • Waterside Decking or Walkways
  • Bridge Surfaces
  • Outdoor Steps or Stairs
  • Access Ramps



Our range of structural and non-structural GRP flooring solutions is designed, developed and manufactured by our partners Dura Composites.

Dura Composites have a commitment to upcycling and encouraging the re-use and repurposing of GRP materials wherever possible.

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