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GRP for marine applications

Finding the right products for marine applications can be difficult due to the harsh conditions brought on by the environment.

Structural products at waterside locations must be able to withstand the impact of saltwater and freshwater conditions, as well as the chemical implications. Saltwater is a strong electrolyte, creating an aggressive, corrosive environment, so any structural solutions are truly put to the test. Further problems arise for areas of high footfall, such as pontoons, jetties or marina walkways, which require solutions with high anti-slip properties to ensure the safety of all who use them.

Traditional materials, such as timber and steel can both fall short within the maritime industry. Although a commonly chosen solution, neither material is hard wearing enough for the extreme conditions, compromising both longevity and safety.

Why Choose GRP?

GRP (Glass-Reinforced-Polymer, also known as fibreglass) boasts features that are extremely suited to the harsh weather conditions of ports, marinas, aquaculture, piers and promenades. GRP is a resin-based composite that’s reinforced with glass fibre.

Anti Slip & Algae Resistant

For marine environments, GRP is the obvious choice. It’s anti slip, algae resistant and low maintenance, making it not only one of the safest but also one of the most cost effective marina walking surfaces on the market.

High Corrosion Resistance

This composite material has the proven ability to withstand the harsh side effects of marine conditions better than traditional materials, with high corrosion resistance and impact resistance.


Marine Applications

  • Access structures
  • Grating
  • Slab & trench covers
  • Profiles
  • Pontoons and jetties
  • Walkways
  • Duct covers
  • Safety ladders
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Cost Effective Solution: 

GRP requires no painting, staining or treating over its long lifespan, and is suitable for new build projects, or as a replacement for degraded timber decking.

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