GRP products, known for their non-conductive, UV-resistant, and non-corrosive properties, offer exceptional strength-to-weight performance compared to traditional materials. This makes them ideal for various applications in the oil and gas industry, renewable energy, nuclear power, water, and wastewater sectors. 

With extensive experience in designing and supplying GRP products, we provide solutions for constructing and managing civil infrastructure like power stations. Our GRP products also include access structures that ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during the generation of gas and electricity using fossil fuels, nuclear, or renewable energy sources.

Additionally, we offer non-conductive GRP up-and-over steps, access structures, and fire-rated grating and flooring. Common bespoke fabrications for the energy sector include Machine Access, Embankment Staircases, Gantries, Stepovers, and Ladders.

Why Choose GRP?

The lightweight yet strong nature of GRP also allows for easy lifting and access while requiring minimal maintenance throughout their long lifespan.

Supporting Green Energy

Our d² GRP products contain up to 33% less embodied carbon and are recyclable at the end of their life. These designs have already saved over 5 million kilograms of CO₂.

Non-Conductive Properties

GRP is the ideal material for electrified environments due to its non-conductive, non-metallic and non-sparking properties, providing safe access for authorised personnel.


Energy & Utilities Applications

  • Access Structures
  • Trench Covers
  • Safety Handrailing
  • Walkways
  • Stairs & Treads
  • Fencing & Gates
  • Ladders
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Low Maintenance Solutions:

Enhance the overall reliability of structures and components, reducing man-hours on-site and compressing project schedules.

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