B Cube

B Cube Mesh Grating

What is B Cube Mesh Grating?

Patent B-Cube Grating is a brand-new alternative to the traditional 33 x 33 mesh gratings. It is designed, developed, and manufactured by PcP.  The B-Cube Mesh Gratings embrace design, quality and safety and can be applied in all the industries where the 33×33 mesh gratings are used today. 

Unique Innovative Design

The B-Cube Grating is a punched hole mesh grating which combines light weight and high strength and is a suitable and cost-efficient solution for the construction industry where grating panels and stair treads are needed.

Simple & Quick Installation

The B-Cube Mesh Gratings are simple to install and easy to adapt to any structural layout. Traditional mesh grating stair treads are quick and easy to replace with the new CUBE grating stair treads.

High Strength & Low Weight

The B-Cube Mesh Grating has the optimal balance between weight and strength making it a suitable and cost-efficient solution for all types of industrial applications.


High Slip Resistance

Tested and approved by German and English certifying bodies,  B-Cube gratings and stair treads have a high slip resistance due to the surface design. Tested and approved according to DIN 51130.

With its unique design, high strength, and low weight, you can apply B-Cube gratings for applications where design and strength requirements are strict.

The B-Cube Mesh Grating complies to the European standard EN ISO 14122

The simplistic yet stylish design combined with high strength is a unique state-of-the-art product in the market, where no other grating type delivers these benefits and more, in one product.

Cost Effective Solution: 

Embrace cost efficiency, safety, and modern design with B-Cube Mesh Gratings. The B-Cube is a punch hole mesh grating designed for both robustness and low weight without compromising quality and design.

B-Cube Heathrow

Features of B-Cube Mesh Gratings


You can easily make cut-outs on-site or let us help you customize your project.


We supply various fixing clamps and kick flats for platforms and walkways.

Ball Proof

35mm ball-proof according to EN ISO 14122-2. Comply to BS 4592 Part 0: 2006 +A1: 2012.

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  • Platforms
  • Mezzanines
  • Gantries
  • Walkways
  • Stairways and landings
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3 Different Types Available

Grating Panels

We supply grating panels in stock to help you build your own grating.

Fabricated Gratings

We offer standard fabricated gratings and customised solutions.

Stair treads

We supply standard stair treads.


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