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GRP Riser Flooring

Working in high-rise construction you will frequently experience riser voids: openings left through multiple floors to allow for mechanical and electrical services. These voids cause a huge safety concern, with falls from a height being the largest risk of fatal accidents for workers.

Even a small object dropped from height has the potential to cause a fatality, with an object weighing only 500g building up the same impact energy as a 75kg object when dropped from 15m.

Riser grating is a solution to these risks.

Quick Installation

GRP (Glass-Reinforced-Polymer) is lightweight, making it easy to handle and manoeuvre, lowering installation times significantly.

Safety Compliance

GRP has a Class B fire rating, is proven anti-slip and is 20mm Ball Fall Test compliant.


Flooring to cover riser voids prevents the risks of falls, or objects dropping, whilst allowing for any structural components to pass through.


Dura Composites

Ridgeway stock a range of patented GRP riser grating and framework products designed, developed and manufactured by our partners Dura Composites.

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High Strength

Despite its lightweight properties, GRP has a high mechanical strength and impact resistance, making it the ideal choice for construction applications.

Variety of Covers

Some riser covers have a completely solid surface for maximum debris defence, but more commonly, grating will be used, ideally supported by a steel framework.

Working at Height Safety

Read more about the statistics on fatal work at height related accidents in Great Britain on the HSE website.

Cost Effective Solution: 

As well as being suitable for all footwear, non-corrosive and relatively maintenance free throughout its lifespan, GRP is a solution with a long lifecycle. This results in long term cost savings.

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