Ridgeway Gabions


What are Gabions?

Gabions are a revolutionary design of wire mesh baskets formed by connecting individual panels of mesh with helical spirals creating box compartments that fold in a concertina fashion to be flat packed. These cages are then filled with suitable materials, typically rocks or gravel, to provide stability and structural integrity.

The filled gabions are often stacked or placed in specific patterns to create barriers, walls, or structures that serve different purposes in engineering and construction projects.

Erosion Control

Gabions can be used in waterways, riverbanks, and shorelines to prevent erosion by slowing down the flow of water and preventing soil from being washed away.

Retaining Walls

They can be employed as retaining walls in areas with uneven terrain to prevent soil from collapsing and causing landslides.

Flood Protection

Gabions can act as temporary or permanent flood barriers, helping to redirect and manage water flow during heavy rainfall or flooding.


Gabion Walls

Explore the innovation of Gabion walls – a modern design of wire mesh baskets connected by helical spirals.

These collapsible cages, filled with rocks or gravel, create stable structures.

They are versatile for engineering projects, and for stacking to form walls or barriers.

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Lids and bases, optional and easily attached, add versatility. The modular design accommodates height variations, ensuring stability and flexibility for ground movement.

Typically built at a 6-degree inclination with a stepped face, these walls suit diverse needs. Mesh fabric with various wire diameters enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

Post-construction, add visual appeal by planting trailing vegetation at the base, rear, or on steps. Discover the efficiency and style of Gabion walls for your construction projects.


Advantages of Gabions:


Gabions can be used as decorative features in landscaping projects, providing a natural and visually pleasing appearance.


They are relatively flexible and can adapt to minor ground movement or settlement, making them suitable for unstable or shifting terrains.

Environmental Benefits:

The use of locally available rocks or stones to fill gabions can reduce the need for transporting and disposing of construction materials, which can have environmental benefits.

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Ridgeway Gabions

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