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What are Cat Ladders?

Cat ladders, also known as industrial access ladders, are specialized ladders designed to provide secure access to elevated platforms, rooftops, and maintenance areas in industrial facilities. These ladders are an essential component of safety and accessibility, allowing workers to reach heights safely while minimizing the risk of accidents.


Industrial cat ladders are built to withstand harsh industrial environments, ensuring they can endure extreme conditions and heavy usage.

Safety Features

These ladders often include safety enhancements such as non-slip rungs, guardrails, and fall protection systems to keep workers safe.

Easy to Install

Straightforward to bolt together / install on site and is usually supplied in “flat-pack” form for ease of handling, storage, and transportation.


Quick Delivery

Our vertical permanent cat ladder system is of a safe, simple modular design offering individual parts which bolt together to form a complete ladder.

Parts are usually kept ex stock for quick delivery or can be supplied as a complete ladder once the floor-to-floor dimension is given.

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Industrial cat ladders are designed to comply with safety regulations and standards, ensuring your facility meets all required guidelines.

Health & Safety

The design and production of the ladder components is in accordance with relevant British Standards and Euro-norms for the health and safety conscious.


Usually available “off the shelf” and is flexible enough to solve the majority of vertical access problems.

Cost Effective Solution: 

This system aims to eliminate the need for expensive site surveys and the preparation of detail drawings which adds to delivery time.

Handrail & Ladder

Advantages of Cat Ladders:

Enhanced Safety:

The primary benefit of industrial cat ladders is enhanced safety for workers accessing elevated areas. Guardrails, anti-slip rungs, and fall protection systems reduce the risk of accidents.


They provide quick and easy access to elevated areas, improving work efficiency and reducing downtime.


These ladders are built to last, offering a durable solution for accessing elevated areas in industrial settings.

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